Saturday, January 31, 2009


Well, I still haven't started a new portrait yet. The little Bichon portrait I created didn't sell, but I will probably relist it tomorrow. Seems like everytime I try to get started on a new artwork, hubby wants to go do something. I had hoped to get started on something today, but I overslept, and then it was off to do some grocery shopping. Oh, and I did get a new pair of shoes, something I've been needing fo some time. I am really going to try to get a new portrait started today. Tomorrow is the Superbowl, and I'm sure that I will not get any art time in during that. I did get some good news this week; my work was accepted into a solo exhibit! I will be showing in September/October of next year, I know it sounds like a long time from now, but it will be here before I know it, and I have time to improve my art and to create new works for the show. I'm very excited!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Two Kitties

I finished the first of the two cat portraits I'm posting in just about four hours, and the second in about six. I loved creating both of them, although I'm partial to the yellow tabby. He is just so cute! I have posted both of them on eBay; link to them by clicking on the picture! I'm off to create a new portrait!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Dog Show

Well, I got up early this morning, woke my youngest child, and we went to the Charleston Kennel Club dog show. We saw lots of great dogs; I took some pictures, but not too many turned out that well. The camera was slow, and the "great shot" I thought I had didn't take until the dog had looked away. The outside shots were better; I thing the camera is slow when you have to use the flash. I might go back tomorrow, but it is supposed to be colder, and I wanted to go when it was not so cold.
I started another 5 x 7 portrait for my eBay sales; it is a tabby cat. I figured I'd better get some practice in if I'm going to do this commission for my friend. It is turning out really well, and I will post it once I'm finished.
I got chastised at the dog show by my daughter, because I wouldn't give out my business card to anyone. She let me know how many opportunities I passed up to talk to people about my art, and how I should just hand out the cards to everyone. I did manage to give out 5 of them, I guess this is something I will have to work on if I plan to make art and commissions my life's work. It's not that I'm shy or anything, I just find it hard to talk to strangers about my art when they aren't actually looking at it. I will have to get to where I can just go up to a total stranger and say "Hi, I'm Anita Putman, and I'm an artist."

Thursday, January 22, 2009

More eBay Portraits

Once again, I've been lax in communicating my journey through the world of art. I will try to make up for it, by letting everyone know that my Hide-away series of cat portraits went pretty well; I sold eight of the twelve in the series on eBay. One buyer bought four of them! I sold two more to another buyer, as well as a portrait of an Australian Shepherd that I created. I've also sold one of a Welsh Corgi, and another of a West Highland Terrier. Two that haven't sold are of a Bassett hound and a Yellow Lab. I've re-listed the Bassett, and just listed one I completed yesterday of a Bichon Frise. I really like this one, it only took me about four hours total to complete; I was so into it! I have also been working on more wildlife art, and completed a Great Blue Heron over the weekend. I like it alot, and have already had inquiries about selling it!
The best news I've had lately is from an acquantance of mine, who called out of the blue to commission a portrait of her cat for her anniversary gift to her husband! Apparently, the cat just loves him, and his favorite bed is in his lap! I can hardly wait to get started; just waiting on the photos from her.
I will really try to keep everyone posted on what I'm working on, and I appreciate being able to let you know who I am.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Twelfth and Final

I finished the twelfth and final painting in the "Hide-away" series last night, and have it posted on eBay now. It is a gray tabby hiding out in a pile of autumn leaves. Out of all the paintings I have created for this series, I think that I saved the best for last. It isn't the last of my eBay paintings, however; I am contemplating the next one even now, although it won't be a series painting, it will probably be another cat painting. I usually do alot of dog paintings, but I am really enjoying the cats so I'll stick with them for a while I think. I will probably be doing some more wildlife art too; a zebra has caught my fancy!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Eleventh in the Series

I finished the eleventh portrait in my Hide-away series, called "Paper Pusher". It is a tuxedo cat, with his head poking out of a bed of shredded paper. I think it is pretty cute! One more in the series, and then it's back to random stuff. The series has taught me how to work on a schedule, and how to keep within a theme. I will probably do another series, but I'm not sure when or what theme I will follow. This one is currently on eBay, and I did sell two more portraits in this series!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Number Ten in the Series

I finished the tenth painting in my Hide-away series for eBay, titled "Snug as a Bug". It is a beautiful tortoise-shell cat, rolled up in a cream rug. I love the eyes on this one! Green as can be, they are really set off by the many colors of this cat. I will begin number eleven tonight; it is a tuxedo cat hiding in shredded paper. A real challange! I can hardly wait!